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It’s true.  Your local contributions are essential to keeping Phil and the Conservatives representing Brant.  Supporting local communications and community building events, donations are vital to all of our success.  Importantly – every dollar given in Brant stays in Brant.

Contribution Limits:
Each individual person who is either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident can now make contributions as follows:

  1. To a maximum of $1100 per year to the National Party through the Conservative Fund Canada;
  2. To a maximum of $1100 per year to any combination of Conservative EDAs, candidates and nomination contestants.

Political Tax Credits
The Conservative Party of Canada is a Registered Political Party and your contribution in any one year may entitle you to generous political tax credits on your next tax return. Use this Tax Credit Calculator to sum up the benefits of giving.

The refund (or reduction in tax payable) depends only on the amount donated and not on taxable income. One only needs to file a tax return in order to receive it. The tax credit formula is:

  • for contributions between 0 and $400, you will get back 75%;
  • for contributions between $400 and $750, you will get back $300 plus 50% of the amount over $400;
  • for contributions over $750, you will get back $475 plus 33 1/3% of the amount over $750 up to a maximum of $650 annually.

Please Note:  The maximum tax credit available of $650 can be obtained by making a total political contribution of $1275 per annum.  Only $1100 of this contribution can be made to the National Party.

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Brant Conservative EDA will issue you an official tax receipt for your contribution. Please be advised that Elections Canada does not allow tax receipts to be issued in any other name other than that of the donor. The donor is considered to be the signature on the cheque or the holder of the credit card. Payment Information *Registered political parties are unable to accept membership fees or contributions from corporations, trade unions, or associations.